It is through its Quality Policy that the management of IRVA - Irmãos Valentes, Ltd shares its essential strategic orientations for the implementation of the dynamics that are crucial for its successful growth with its employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, thus accepting to:

  • Comply with the legal requirements of their business, including the requirements of the harmonised standard EN 1090-2, within the framework of Regulation (UE) nr. 305/2011;
  • Meet implicit and explicit customer needs;
  • Harmonise its facilities and equipment in accordance with the activity it is intended for, with its respective inherent social, environmental and safety responsibilities;
  • Perform the contracted service as requested, thus satisfying customer interests;
  • Continuously improve the System and carry out the necessary regular reviews;
  • Ensure that all employees are informed about and motivated by about the Quality Policy and take part in its dynamics.


We are able to work with the most diverse requirements related to our line of business, including:

  • European directives (PED 2014/68/EU, SPV 2014/29/EU, CPR RE (UE) Nº 305/2011...)
  • Normative references (ISO, EN, ASTM)
  • Building codes (EN13445, AD Merkblatter 2000 or others on demand)
  • Specific requirements of each individual customer and / or project

Our Quality Control has means and qualified technicians to ensure compliance with the Inspection and Testing Plan, specific for each product manufactured, which may include the accomplishment of:

  • PMI Testing ("Positive Material Identification")
  • Dimensional/Geometric Control
  • Welding Control
  • Surface Finish Control
  • Pressure tests / Leak-tightness


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